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Welcome to expats

(in association with Accra Guesthouse)

Ghana as a country is politically stable and has been for some time, Ghana provides an excellent safe introduction to the continent of Africa. Before 2011 Ghana had relatively few tourists, but Ghana has a huge potential for tourism and makes an excellent winter sun destination particularly from the U.K , being only 6 hours from the UK by plane (time zone is GMT)

Although inner city areas are typically " third world " some areas are now developing such as near the airport and look like any other international city.

Although the site is partly aimed at expats new to Ghana; all Ghanaian are welcome and there are sections such as the classified where expats and Ghanaian alike can post items for sale.

In the forum you can post questions or observations about Ghana, to which other surfures can respond

Editors of the site have experience of Ghana since 2005 and other writers and editors are Ghanaian.

For any enquiry or feedback please go to: Contact Us